The partnership under the name “MPENETSIS IOANNIS TOURS O.E.” (hereinafter the “Company”), which is a travel agency headquartered in Meligalas of Messinia, Scala – Meligala Str, PC 24 002, has created the website (hereinafter the “Tourstory”) for the online booking of guided tours.

  1. Acceptance of the General Terms

The use of the website and the bookings are governed by the following General Terms of Use. It should be noted that the users who make any transaction through the website unreservedly accept the present General Terms of Use.

  1. Booking – Confirmation

Users who wish to make a booking through Tourstory, follow the booking process as described in the website, by filling the necessary booking form. When a booking has been made, users shall receive a confirmation via email.  Users shall be obliged to immediately check the accuracy of the details of the confirmation such as the personal data, the destination, the date of the tour etc. Within 24 hours of the receipt of the confirmation of the booking, the user shall report any errors and discrepancies on the booking details. Any error reported after the aforementioned period will not be taken into consideration.

  1. Services

Tourstory gives the opportunity of online booking – purchase of its services. More specifically it provides:

(a) Athens tour: transportation from the port of Piraeus to the Acropolis area; guided tour of the Acropolis; walk and guided tour at the New Acropolis Museum; free time at Plaka and return to the port of Piraeus. The above are provided either in whole or part thereof depending on the package chosen as these are described on the website.

(b) Olympia tour: transportation from the port of Katakolo to the area of Olympia; guided tour at the archeological site; walk and guided tour at the Museum; walk at the village; return to the port of Katakolo. The above are provided either in whole or part thereof depending on the package chosen as these are described on the website.

The ticket prices of the Museums and archeological sites are not included in the prices.

  1. Tours conditions

The company reserves the right to cancel any tour within a time limit of 24 hours before the beginning time for any reason, including the non – achievement of the necessary number of participants. In the unfortunate event that a tour is canceled, the Company shall refund all money paid by the participants or shall give the opportunity of scheduling the tour to another date. In this case, the Company shall not be liable for any expenses paid by the participants due to this reason, such as for any change of their airline tickets.

  1. FeesPayment methods

The fee for all services of the Company is mentioned in detail at the website. The amount payable includes all fees and expenses of the Company as well as the value added tax. The Company reserves the right to change the fees for the services provided through Tourstory. Where a reduction of fee, customers are not entitled to claim the amount resulting from the difference in price already paid and the reduced price. In any case, the fee includes everything described on the website and not any further expenses of the participant that may occur during the tour.

The payment methods for all services provided by Tourstory are listed on the website. The payment methods are: a) direct bank transfer; b) payment via Paypal; c) payment during the day of the provision of the service (ie the tour) if a simple booking has been made through the website. Only these payment methods shall be accepted.

  1. Changes, cancellation, rescission

The tours take place throughout the year. Weather conditions shall affect the carrying out of the tour, only in case of extreme weather conditions where it will be objectively accepted that the carrying out of the tour is not possible. In the event where, during the day of the scheduled tour, unexpected events make the carrying out of the tour impossible (eg unscheduled strike of the employees of the archeological sites), the Company shall do everything possible to find an alternative solution in consultation with the participants of the tour. If such alternative solution is not found, the Company shall refund the full amount paid by the participants, while the fee for the means of transfer (eg coach) shall be refunded at 50%. The refund is made within 15 days after the date of cancellation.

The Company provides for the possibility of changing or cancelling the services provided through Tourstory. The change or cancellation shall be made in any possible way such as by telephone or by sending an email. In case of cancellation, the customer must clearly state that he/she wants to rescind the contract. The customer shall inform the Company about the desired change or cancellation at least 3 days before the scheduled tour. Any late statements of the customer regarding the desired change or cancellation will not be taken into consideration and the customer will have no claim for refund.

In the case where any money has to be returned by the Company to the customer, this shall be made within 15 days after the date of cancellation.

  1. Tour – Access

The guided tours at the archeological sites and museums are carried out by a certificated tour guide. Depending on the needs of the tour, it may be carried out in two languages simultaneously.

It should be noted that during the tours, passing from a rough terrain and/or ascent/descent on stairs may be needed. There are also some areas that are not easily accessible to people with mobility difficulties. The participation in tours is proposed to people with a minimum physical condition, able to go uphill and climb stairs. By accepting these terms, the participants unreservedly declare that they can participate in tours of Tourstory and that are fully informed about the physical condition they should have. Due to the different health care that may be provided by Greece in comparison with other countries, participants in the tours should bring all necessary medicines that may need. The Company suggests that people with physical difficulties and/or under medical treatment timely inform the Company about it. Also, the Company reserves the right to refuse the participation of any person whose state of health would create difficulties in the proper carrying out of the tour.

  1. Release of liability

The Company shall make all efforts possible to check the information published on its website for errors or inaccuracies. However, the Company does not guarantee the completeness or current validity of this information. Moreover, the Company shall make all efforts possible to ensure the smooth operation of the website without guaranteeing that it will function without interruption, or that it will be free of viruses.

During the tours, the Company shall not be liable:

(a) For any theft or loss of items. Participants must be very careful with their personal belongings.

(b) For any accident. The Company shall make all efforts possible to ensure that tours are carried out in a safe manner. Participants shall be careful with their physical integrity while it is suggested to have an insurance contract. Our passengers are covered against injuries while on our motor coaches only.

(c) For any external factors that are able to influence the tours such as strikes of the employees, any delays in shops, restaurants, and generally for any event with which the Company is not related.

     10. Applicable law

Any disputes that may arise between the Company and the website visitors/participants in the tours shall be resolved in a friendly way. If this is not possible, the Courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction while the Greek law is applicable, subject to the application of private international law.